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My favorite thing to do conveniently overlook the problematic elements in things I enjoy with crap jokes, rainbows, puppies, and unicorns. I lack the mental fortitude to do anything else.

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14th August 2014

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6th August 2014

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Robin’s parent. No, the other parent.

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5th August 2014


Anonymous said: i was looking through your darker than black tag and i was wondering if you ever got to watch the ovas. if so, what were your thoughts on those four episodes?

I watched the first one then I got distracted.

I still have them, and I’ll get to them eventually and probably liveblog ‘em too.

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2nd August 2014

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The End: If you want to kill me, come climb this tower.

[The lynchpin of dimensions: the Pillar.]

The End: There is a traitor among you.

[Erase your friends (comrades).]

The End: Know this: There will be no answer except after losing your lives and climbing up.

[Save the world.]

Yoko: I believe in everyone.

Sho: We have no choice but to advance.

Narrator: An RPG where trust and betrayal mix:
Lost Dimension.

The End: Just fall into despair, ignorant of the truth.

I’m very excited. So very excited. The demo was a lot of fun, so I’m really excited.

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31st July 2014


Lost Dimension is fun.

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25th July 2014

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I’m really interested to see how Summon Night 5’s live2d looks on the Vita.

But having bought a physical copy already for the artbook that comes with it, I understandably don’t want to buy a digital version just to see how the graphics look.

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25th July 2014


The second person Arca confesses her love to in-game, and she doesn’t even get an ending.
(The first person, of course, is Erst.)

The second person Arca confesses her love to in-game, and she doesn’t even get an ending.

(The first person, of course, is Erst.)

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25th July 2014


What the hell, this is really cute!

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25th July 2014

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do u ever just hate ur senpai bc


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22nd July 2014

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Torque: Master, the usual.
Abert: Me too, the usual.
Folth: …Why are you giving your orders to me?
Torque: You don’t have to pretend you don’t understand every single time. Could you please hurry it up?
Folth: Fine…

That time Folth got browbeaten into making everyone drinks by a teenage boy.

What a softie.

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